About The Monticello Chamber of Commerce

The Monticello Chamber of Commerce (MCC) was originally incorporated as the Monticello Board of Trade, Inc. in March 1926 to grow and attract business, residents and visitors. In December of 1937, the corporation formally changed its name to the Monticello Chamber of Commerce. The resurgence of the prospect of a live gaming casino brought a renewed interest in the redevelopment of Monticello and a formal subcommittee was created in 2009 under the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, the Monticello Business Association.  In early 2016, with less than two years to go for the Montreign Casino to open its doors the Village of Monticello brought business owners together again to actively engage and build off the momentum of the redevelopment happening in the area. Without members to support the Monticello Chamber of Commerce we cannot move forward on a plan to revitalize and rebuild the County Seat.

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